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Saturday, January 28, 2012 1 comments
We just wanted to express our thought on today's education system. We are not offending anyone by this but to state the condition at which it is now. Consider the school education system. people who can afford to study in private schools with a CBSE or a matriculation board have a very strong basement in studies. So they excel better than a government school kid who studies in a SSLC pattern.

Even though we came up with the idea of a common curriculum designed for both the matriculation and state board students, there is some amount of separation between them. For example, a student studying in the matriculation system can be well versed in English and is more confident in his way of speaking. But a govt. school Student is still lagging in the language and hence feels inferior to a matric. student.

This does not affect the kid unless he reach a college level. Where they mix up with each other. A private school student gets more marks and gets a CENTAC seat easily. But the govt. school student has to work very hard to earn such a thing. Even after that he has an inferiority complex over his situation. and the scholarship amount goes to all the CENTAC students where the students who are already wealthy gets it. Now whats the point in that ? a student who is good at studies need no encouragement but who is dull need an encouragement. 

Government has to take necessary steps to avoid this wastage of money and time. And has to see to the family background of that student before deciding to awarding them. Encouraging such people can make India a developed nation as our Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said. If we can help ,we can also come with an amazing person like him. And not only depending on the govt. we must take our own necessary steps to help people while we can. Lets strive for this goal to make our nation a developed one ! 


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